i got your nibble right here!

‘nibble’ is a wonderful word and we often come upon it in our reading (perhaps not a coincedence).  it always gives us pause, a smile, and an extra connection to the work and the writer.

we have played with the idea of an entire issue of nibble containing only poems with the word ‘nibble’ (or some variation) in them.  we have recently been encouraged to do so and have accepted the challenge.

so, in addition to continuing to submit your wonderful poetry for inclusion in the irregularly scheduled issues of nibble, we are now accepting submission for the SPECIAL EDITION of nibble.

let’s call it the nibble nibble.

so get those pens/pencils/fingers ready and start crafting some magical short poetry using the word ‘nibble.’  previously published poems WILL be accepted for this special issue!  so you are welcome to submit those past gems. 

but let’s try to avoid heavy cliche…please don’t use ‘nibble’ in the title…be creative…don’t ‘nibble on my heart.’

if you are new here, please read our guidelines before submitting.

many thanks.


~ by nibblepoems on January 19, 2011.

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