we are so lucky

we are so lucky to be able to print such wonderful poets…and to receive such gratifying comments:

Jeff–Just wanted to let you know this was one of your best issues to date. “Calamity” by Christopher Beard is definitely a Pushcart contender. “Retirement Blues” by Holy Day was another great poem. There were others, too, and thanks for including me in this great issue.

Hope all is well.

Michael H. Brownstein


Received my copy yesterday and have read through it a couple times. I have to say that I am genuinely impressed with the consistent tone that runs from front to back, almost like the pieces could be the work of a single poet. Kudos.

Steve Meador


Chomp! Chomp! I just got the new Nibble Bite 17 that has a few of my poems in it along with Justin Hyde, Michael H. Brownstein, Lyn Lifshin, Maureen Virchau, Leah AngstmanJeff Fleming, Anthony Jones, AJ Huffman, Holly Day, Sari Kronsinsky, William Meyer Jr., Alan Catlin, Janet Butler, Gillian Prew, Roger Cornish, and Peter Schwartz.

Aleathia Drehmer


Dear Jeff,

I received my copy of Nibble today. I love it. It is a very impressive collection of poetry.
I really liked the cover, as well. It connects with the words in Aleathia’s amazing poem- “…We are children’s nesting blocks…”
Thank you for another wonderful reading experience

Maureen Virchau


~ by nibblepoems on February 17, 2011.

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