that’s what we do here.  we nibble our email.  we nibble your poems.  

we nibble the world because we could not possibly swallow it whole.

in case you don’t know, we are putting together an issue of nibble that contains only poems with the word ‘nibble’ in them, including any variations: nibble, nibbled, nibbles, nibbling, nibblers, etc. 

this will be a special issue, outside the normal numbered issues.  we shall call it the nibble nibble

so send your little ‘nibble’ poem today:

poets seem to be rising to the challenge of writing these little ‘nibble’ poems.  we’ve gotten some beauties. and we are genuinely excited about this project. 

as a friend said to us in an email yesterday, “the ‘nibble’ in the poem has to come organically.”  true dat. 

as a truly horrific example of the kind of ‘nibble’ poem we are NOT looking for, our fearless leader pooped this one out, rather spontaneously:

I love when you
on my neck
and nibble
on my toes
and sometimes
on my ears
but the best is when you
on that place
that loves
to be

(copywrite 2011 by jeff fleming, all writes reserved)

so now you know what NOT to do with these ‘nibble’ poems.  so put pen to paper, kick some wordly ass and then send your little bit of brilliance our way.  maybe you’ll get us to do more than nibble at your words.  maybe we will bite. 

of course you are more than welcome to send non-nibble poems as well.  please.

(ok, seriously, how many freakin’ times can you use the word ‘nibble’ in one blog post?  that was just annoying – ed.)

~ by nibblepoems on February 23, 2011.

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