throwing down the gauntlet

our email inbox is officially empty. 

that’s right.

we hereby issue you this challenge: do you have what it takes to grace the pages of nibble?  of course you do…read on!

here is what we are currently on the hunt for:

1. great short poems of 20 lines or less (no cheating!)

2. great short poems of 20 lines or less containing the word ‘nibble’ (or some variation)

3. great short poems of 20 lines or less containing the word ‘nipple’

so go nuts! send us something brilliant and we will print your words in actual ink on actual paper and mail a copy to you via the antiquated, but highly loved, usps.

however, before you hit the send key, please read the following suggestions that we make only because we love you and don’t want you to get frustrated by the fact we are uptight and highly selective:

1.  read our ‘basics’ page and our ‘guidelines’ page.

2. read an actual copy of nibble.  this is HUGE.  yes, we want you to buy a sample so we can make money and keep publishing poetry, but this is a fantastic way for you to see what we like.  (and we only publish stuff we like.)

3. on our guidelines page, it states that we generally do not accept rhyming poems, but we have been receiving a lot of them.  if you choose to take up this challenge, to boldly go where few have gone before, please understand that the odds are not in your favor.

4. we have been getting a lot of poems that were inspired by paintings.  they usually have a subtitle that goes something like this: after viewing “the lovely ladies of denmark,” a painting by the renowned artist phil mccrakken, wherein several lovely ladies are doing something denmarky.

we think there are loads of journals and e-zines that love poems like this.  and why not, we ourselves often compare great poems to great paintings.  but nibble is all about using as few words as possible to craft a little piece of wonderment and all these extra words to explain what inspired the poem is, in many cases, counter to our mission.

5. when sending us poems with the world nibble (or nipple) please be subtle.  as a friend of mine put it, “the nibble has to happen organically.”  (though we think that sentence works better as: the nipple has to happen organically.)

again, this list is only provided because we love you and want you to succeed. we are genuinely exited by the prospect of our inbox getting all full up again.  so send ’em in!

thanks for all you do!


~ by nibblepoems on March 17, 2011.

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