chap gets virtual ink

jeff fleming’s poetry chapbook, why is my lemon tea red?, got the following write up from irene koronas, the poetry editor at wilderness house literary review and a reviewer for ibbetson street press:

Love poems and all the different aspects of love; exploring spectacular views, emotions, “tell me, help me because I can’t stop trembling..;” even the lower case used for the poems and larger case for the title, lends to the purity of what is being imparted…

Any words i use in reference to these poems seems small in comparison to Fleming’s writing…

Love poems without all the frosting words, phrases I can nibble on; sometimes i laugh sometimes i cry or feel quiet while the poems pull me in and hug me close. This chap book is a gift, is humble and scrutinizes the love of others as well as self, put succinctly.
contact the poet to buy this chapbook a must have.

right now, we are giving this chap away for free.  yep and no kidding.  be one of the first 15 10 people to send us your snailmail addy and we’ll get one out to you right away.

yes, we know, it’s daft.  the book is starting to get raves and we’re giving it away.  that is a lousy business model, but what the hell, it’s poetry.

here are some other nice things people have said:

You’ve really got the exact length of a poem down, and in the space of each you hit tons of great notes. A varied and intriguing batch of poems too.
– hosho mccreesh

Thanks so much for sending me your book-It made my day!
– rebecca schumejda

Got the book, man. Thanks so much. Some really solid stuff in there.
– justin barrett


~ by nibblepoems on March 21, 2011.

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