did you do it?

did you write the final poem of issue 18 of nibble?

we were just wondering because we are looking for it.  we found all the rest, but can’t seem to find that last one.  if you happen to find it/write it, can you please email it to us?


also, we can’t seem to find eight or so poems with the word ‘nibble’ in them.  again, we have the others.  it’s those pesky eight…they could also contain ‘nibbled,’ ‘nibbles,’ nibbling,’ or other versions of the word.  maybe ‘nibblemente’ or ‘nibble-o-rama.’ 

on second thought, probably not.

and (yeah, we know) we seem to be missing a whole bunch of poems with the word ‘nipple’ in them.  damn, we really need to work on our filing system.  in the mean time, any help you can give would be appreciated.

we’d also seriously consider the word ‘areola,’ if you find any poems like that.

you’re the best.



~ by nibblepoems on April 4, 2011.

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