found it!

funny how sometimes when you go looking for one thing you find another.  well, in this case we went looking for one thing and found two!

so, issue 18 is full and that’s a great thing.  it means you can submit your poetry for issue 19.  and you can continue to send us those wonderful ‘nibble’ poems.  we’ve really been impressed with the wonderful pieces we’ve received so far.

oh, and you can send us any nipples that pop out.  (wait, that came out wrong.)  send us your nipples! (nope, that’s not right either.  hang on a sec…)

send us any poems you write with the word ‘nipple’ in them.  yes, that is the approved phrasing…knew we had it scrawled on a post-it around here somewhere.  it was stuck to the list of dos and don’ts for appropriate office behavior…yeah, that one’s a little dusty.

but we digress.

~ by nibblepoems on April 5, 2011.

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