april 6, 2011

today is the official release date of nibble 18.

soon you will be enjoying the kind of poetry that you generally only dream comes from people you have heard of. (yes, that is a compliment!)  and while reading this other worldly poetry (again: compliment!) you will feel inspired to write some delicious words of your own.

go with it.  run with it.  have fun with it.

and then send the results to us so that we may have the honor of publishing your latest masterpiece in the next nibblenibblepoems@gmail.com

keep in mind, we are still compiling the nibble nibble and the nipple nibble.  if you don’t know what those are, you should read our past posts until you become eduficated…or enlightened…or whatever.

wait, you aren’t getting the newest issue of nibble?  that’s weird…hmm…well, you could order one by clicking here and sending us $4 via paypal.  we do have a few extra copies…

in the mean time, thank you for visiting. 

you rule.

~ by nibblepoems on April 6, 2011.

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