open mouth, insert foot, alter space time continuum

we rather stupidly (or naively) posted about our nibble nibble issue that “the response has been so fantastic that it might just come out before issue 18. ”

egg. face. drying.

to say that we might have slightly exaggerated a tiny bit would be understating things considerably.  it’s not exactly a disaster, but as you know, issue 18 has already hit your mailbox like a can of spam, while the nibble nibble is nowhere in sight.  we got so geeked up about the flow of nibble poems that we probably got you thinking about other things.  “ah, they’re already full!  I’m gonna work on that epic poem about flaubert’s nostril hairs.”

so, we have returned again today to ask you for more nibble poems.  we need somewhere in the neighborhood of a baker’s dozen. 

but since we have the best gosh darn poet’s in the world visiting this site on a daily basis, 13 poems should be a walk in the freakin’ park!

(ah crap, there we go again…)


~ by nibblepoems on April 19, 2011.

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