you had me at “black cracks”

want to get an editor to really pay attention to your submission? 

don’t, we repeat, DO NOT list all 437 places you’ve been published

…snooze fest…

if there is one really incredible magazine that published your poetry then, yeah, mention that ONE.  maybe two max.

otherwise, do something like this:

Dear Nibble:

Happy National Fungal Infection Awareness Month! Now, I don’t know you, obviously, but as for myself, I am crazy-hypersensitive about fungal infections. When I was a kid, my dad used to get athlete’s foot so bad that he’d have deep, black cracks all over his heels and the undersides of his toes. My mom used to wash his socks separately from the rest of the laundry just to be safe. Once, I put on a pair of my dad’s shoes when my sister and I were playing dress-up. When my mom came into the room, she screamed this horrible, piercing scream and ran me straight to the bathtub to scrub my
feet over and over again.

So yes, this month has special significance to me. Fungal infections are nothing to mess with. Also, I hope you like the poems.

now that got our attention…those poems will be read with care.

oh…by the way…speaking of toes…have you submitted your nibble poems yet?


~ by nibblepoems on May 2, 2011.

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