some people think liz taylor was not beautiful

this is poetry.

you can’t measure it in mpgs or horsepower or metric tons…well, you could if you really wanted to, but that would just be weird and anyway it’s way off topic…

the point is, everyone has an opinion.

sure, you could argue that “good” poetry is what most people agree they like, or “good” poetry is what the professors at the local university tell you is good.


we are not “most people” and we certainly are not “professors at the local u.”

we are nibble.

so what do we like?

well, get a copy of nibble and you’ll see pretty quickly that we publish short poems that have evocative imagery, some style and flair, and an understanding of how to get things done with as few words as possible.  the poems we like have a little piece of the poet inside, sometimes hidden, sometimes right in your face.

what do we generally (if not always) pass on?  well, rhyming poetry, for one. 


also, we find poems that are laid out in clever fashion all over the page to be distracting.  yes, loads of famous poets imploy this technique.  maxine kumin (whom we enjoy) does so to wonderful effect in a poem called 400 meter freestyle (google it).

but, it is difficult to do well.  and, if the words are the right words, generally doesn’t need to be done at all.

we aren’t big fans of poems that have sing-songy rhyme…oh, did we mention that already?  gee, why would we take the time to write that twice…

the point of this post is that we want to publish your poetry in nibble


we love you, love that you write poetry, and want to usher you into our pages in the hope that you will feel part owner of nibble, and as such you will treat her with all the love and respect that you would a child or a grandparent or that slightly quirky uncle who sometimes says things he shouldn’t when he’s had a few cocktails or missed one of his scheduled medications.

we do not want to be a notch in your poetry belt. 

we don’t believe in notches or poetry belts.  we leave our shirts untucked.

we want you to take a seat at the table.  right here.  we have nice cushy chairs, imported from paris…strike that…they were proudly made right here in the u.s.a.

so, please read our submission guidelines.  they’re pretty short and fairly entertaining, as such things go.  and then send us your poems.  we will read them, all of them, and we will be kind to them while they are in our care.


~ by nibblepoems on May 5, 2011.

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