we’re on safari to stay

this is a post about nothing.  or maybe everything.  or maybe just some random jumble.

we are posting because it is friday and we haven’t posted in a week or so and we don’t want you to think that we’ve gone under.  out of business.  kaput.

we’re still here. working away. currently putting together four issues at the same time, which we’ve never done before.  and will likely never do again.


did you know that some poetry magazines have certain times of the year when you can and can’t submit your work?  like we only accept submissions from june 5 to october 13

did you know that nibble is always happy to read your poetry?  even during a full moon. or a waxing gibbous.  even on friday the 13th.  or saturday the 14th.  serious.


so did you write a poem a day during national poetry month?  or did you take that time to convert the heathens?  or did you go to poetry readings and buy the photo copied/laser printed books that the local poets self-published?

did you do anything special?  or just business as usual?

of course, you are a poetry superstar, so even if you did nothing out of the ordinary, it was probably out of the ordinary.


did you know that nibble might someday win several prestigious awards?  maybe.  and if that happens you’ll have to move us to the front of your list of publishing credits when you submit your poetry for publication.  yep, you’ll have to put us up front, because not only will you have been published in a magazine that has won several prestigious awards BUT you did it before it was even cool!  you’ll be in the vanguard. 

you so totally rock.  it’s hard sometimes to be in the same room with you, you shine so brightly. 

we’re really into you.  did we mention that?


we realize that this post reads like we knocked off early, went home and started imbibing and then remembered that we forgot to put up some new crap on the website and dashed something off even though we were half crocked.  it’s not true.  we wish it were.  but it’s not.

it’s just one of those days…



~ by nibblepoems on May 27, 2011.

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