do you remember the time?

we are exactly one poem away from filling issue 19 and entering the phase of “pre-production.”  we love to post this sort of information because sharing our reality makes it more real.

it also seems to encourage people.  they like the idea that a new issue is about to be birthed and they can now send in their poems for the next issue secure in the fact that we are actually still here, actually still doing business.  we think it is something along the lines of once bitten twice shy or a new adage we are attempting to coin: those f*#kheads at (insert name of online poetry zine here) promised to publish my poem and then just disappeared into the ether of the internet.

yeah, it’s a little cumbersome to actually become a tried-and-true expression, but we like it anyway.  mostly because we aren’t f*#kheads and we can’t disappear into the ether of the internet as we are not an online poetry magazine.

so anyway.

we are still looking for nibble poems, nipple poems and other great pieces of wordplay with less than 20 lines.


~ by nibblepoems on June 7, 2011.

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