back to life. back to reality.

yep, we went on a two-week vacation.

we were forced…ur, convinced that it would be best for everyone involved if nibble took a couple of weeks off.  locked the doors and left town.

quite enjoyable.

but now we are back.

we hope you enjoyed issue 19.  based on the email we received while we were gone, you did.  but we cannot rest on our laurels.  we must get back to work.

and that means you have to get back to work sending us your poetry.  we are working on issue 20 (of course) and still on the lookout for poems with ‘nibble’ or ‘nipple’ in them.  we’d like to finish those special issues asap, so if you have anything that fits or think of anything that fits or write anything that fits or just want to complain about us giving you fits, then send them along:

as always, we are happy to hear your suggestions.  we are quite likely to ignore them, but we often get a chuckle from them and hope this doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm for sending them.



~ by nibblepoems on July 5, 2011.

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