so you did read it…

below is a chapbook review written by maureen virchau, poet and regular contributor to nibble.


it is winter is Jeff Fleming’s latest chapbook. If you read his chap falling up you will notice the same style, the same melding of poetry and fiction- a collection of poems that tells a story when read in chronological order, but that can also be read out of order and individually experienced.
it is winter tells a dark story. I found it to be riveting, potent, suspenseful, dense, otherworldly, intelligent, and completely accessible. I think of each poem as a work of great power and precision.
it is winter contains everything that I have come to expect from Jeff Fleming’s poetry. He has the uncanny ability to create dense worlds out of few words. His poetry is clean, stripped of all unnecessary decoration. He is a master craftsman of the short poem, the short story.
There is one poem per page. Just like nibble. Short poems. Just like nibble. Powerful poems. Just like nibble. Poems that linger. Just like nibble.
All I can say (well, actually I can say plenty more) is that it is winter is worth a lot more than $2. That’s less than a cup of coffee. You can go to your fave coffee shop, buy a cup of coffee, and read it is winter. Enjoy it with your coffee that costs more than the chapbook itself. Maybe someone will ask you what you are reading, and then you can tell him or her to go to the nibble website and buy it for $2. That person will probably exclaim, 2 dollars?! And you will say, Yes, 2 dollars. That person might then respond with- That’s less than a cup of ….Yep.


you can purchase it is winter by clicking the subscription link on this webpage and then the paypal button. 


~ by nibblepoems on July 22, 2011.

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