let’s just be clear here

just a quick post to assure you that nibble is not going anywhere in the larger, global sense.  we are moving out of our office, true, but the work will continue in much the same manner as it has for the past three (freakin’!) years.

we will continue to publish the best short poetry we can get our hands on.  that mission has not changed.  we will just be doing so with out the benefit of a mailing address for the immediate, and probably slightly even more elongated, future.

anyway, you never mailed us anything.  did you?  now you’ll just have to stuff it into an email and send it to: nibblepoems@gmail.com. subscriptions and other orders can be paid via paypal.  if you cannot do paypal, send us an email and we’ll figure something out.

we were rubbish at answering snailmail anyway.  10x faster with email.



to sum up.

we have a few slots available in issue 20 of nibble, several in the nibble nibble, and a few more than that in the (controversial) nipple nibble.

so keep the poems flowing and we will continue to publish them.  on paper.


~ by nibblepoems on August 12, 2011.

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