an historic issue

as you can see by the amount of time that has passed since our last update, we have been working furiously: the 20th issue of nibble, the special nibble nibble and a secret, amazing chapbook (more on that in another post).

those in the know know that the nibble nibble has been published and is being enjoyed by countless poetry lovers across the globe…ok, we could probably count them if we took the time, but countless sounds so much more poetic than 1,573…don’t you think?

copies are still available.

but the real news is the soon to be published historic 20th issue of nibble. 

wow.  we made it to 20 and we see a long road ahead.  this thing will make it to 50…and even beyond.

and this historic 20th issue is a real humdinger and we can say that with much certainty because (much trumpeting of historic trumpets) the issue is full!

so you know what to do.  order yourself a copy because this historic 20th issue is…is…fantastic.  (you thought we were going to say “historic” again, didn’t you.)

so thanks for everything you wonderful small press poetry community!  we, well, we dig your groove.



~ by nibblepoems on October 11, 2011.

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