imminent vs. eminent

sometimes you come across an event that can be accurately described using both the words eminent and imminent.

here is one such occasion:

the release of the 20th issue of nibble is imminent.
     (def. – likely to occur at any moment)

the release of the 20th issue of nibble is eminent.
     (def. – notewothy, high in station or rank)

so, the bottom line is that you, poetry lover, need to place your order for the amazing 20th issue before it is too late.

ok, let’s be honest with each other for a moment: there is no such thing as “too late.”  in this day and age of electronica, it is both cost-effective and efficient to print such things as nibble as needed.

that being said, this issue is going to completely kick you in balls…depending on your gender.  if it can’t kick you in the balls, it’ll find some other soft tissue…a blow to the kidneys perhaps?  or a shot to the solar plexus.

you get the idea.

as you probably already know, we are currently floating in the ether of time and space and the internet.  we are addressless.  someone suggested that we are homeless, but that is not technically true.  we have a home.  we just don’t have an address.

so we are addressless.

this means what for you, you are asking.  well, it means that in order to get the 20th issue of nibble, you have to use paypal (click on subscriptions to the right of this post). 

we promise that, if this is your first time paypaling, you are way smart enough to do it…promise.

it also means that your hate mail has to be hate email.  kidding of course, we know you love us.  so email us.  seriously.

thanks for your time and everything you do for nibble and the small press universe.

we all rock!

(sorry this post is so packed, i just slammed two cups of coffee – bzzzzzzt)


~ by nibblepoems on October 26, 2011.

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