we are a paper and staple poetry magazine that focuses on the best in short poetry.

we are looking for well crafted poems that speak to us intellectually, emotionally and sometimes physically.  we want to see life condensed down to 20 or fewer well-crafted lines.

this quote, from leah angstman over at propaganda press, describes nibble quite well:  “The poems here are fairly mysterious, often just snippets of a scene or a moment, intense descriptions of a tiny second, not always complete, not always cohesive, but always vividly poetic, leaving you wanting more, poking your imagination through the ear with a cake tester.”

our goal when beginning this new project was to publish six issues per calendar year, but since this is art and not science, a work of passion and not precision whose goals is stabilizing our sanity not filling our pockets, we don’t make any promises about frequency of publication (one of the many reasons our subscriptions are for  6 issues, not a “year”).

we are truly excited that you are here. we love the internet, the web and the way it brings people together, shrinks the world and makes us all brothers and sisters in poetry.

please take a little time to view the rest of the website, visit both the submissions page and the subscription page. we offer a very reasonable subscription rate and are now accepting donations via paypal.

we hope to hear from you soon: an email, a letter, a hello, a poem (or three), questions answered, answers questioned, we want it all.

when asked what type of poetry moves him, what he hopes will fill the pages of nibble, our editor said:

poetry with strong images, strong tone. poems that take an outside-in look at the world.  smart, reflective work…good writing that stays with you long after you put it down.

we want to thank everyone who has responded to our call for submissions, everyone who has sent an email, a letter. everyone.

as a friend once wrote:

even the raging lunatic has a point
if you can sift through the morass
and find the tiny blue sapphire
at the center of his madness


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