AVAILABLE NOW from Propaganda Press: Shades of Green – Jeff Fleming writes about an unexperienced war experience and The Bones of Saints Under Glass – poems by Jeff Fleming with an intensely cool cover by HOSHO McCREESH!  read all about it here and here.

jeff fleming has been writing poetry since he weighed less than a hundred pounds. in a past life, the one before children, he edited/published CannedPhlegm and then Cranial Tempest, both poetry magazines.

rumor has it he spent six years getting a four year degree at Michigan State University, mostly because he didn’t have a clue what to do with his life, partly because he needed to work full time to pay the rent. he emerged mostly intact with a BA in English, emphasis in writing, and a healthy respect for vodka that continues to this day.

fleming has written three novels that are sitting in a box in his garage.

if asked his greatest influences he would probably say his 12th grade creative writing teacher (Mrs. Shoemaker), Shakespeare, Raymond Carver and any number of other well-known poets.

the truth is always darker.

fleming was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  his critcally acclaimed book of poems, Falling Up, is available now from nibble press.

his poetry has been featured in St Adeline of Verse Lights Apollo’s Cigarette, Blossums, Ibbetson Street Press (#25), Lummox Journal (forthcoming),  xenith (June 10), kipple (April 30), Poieses (#2, #3, #4, #5), Right Hand Pointing (#23, #24), Ink, Sweat & Tears (Jan 1), Bottom of the World (#2), a handful of stones (Nov 24, Dec 7, Jan 20, Feb 25, Dec 7, Jan 5, Dec 8), 63 Channels (#36), Origami Condom (#10), Best Poem (July 28), Brevities (#67) and Pocket Change (Aug & Sept).

one of fleming’s poems appeared on the last broadside from The Guerilla Poetics Project.

fleming is a founding member of the Melville-Sun Poetry Collaborative.

his poetry has been described as “mature, intelligent, empathetic….good stuff.”  he writes “with a steady blend of emotion, experience, universality, and objectiveness.”

fleming currently lives in a house on a hill in the fog with his wife and his two sons.


7 Responses to “editor”

  1. My younger self thanks you for your kind words

  2. As does mine.

  3. I just received “The Bones…” I like your work very much and hope to read much more of it in the future. Thank you for a lovely reading experience.

    Martina Newberry

  4. thanks for
    ‘falling up’…
    chapter breaks very effective…the
    necessary ‘sigh’
    foreshadowing ‘turn-to-come’
    kind of
    ‘a clean well-lighted place’…huh??
    tim scannell
    port angeles

  5. Jeff, being enjoying your ‘Drifting Madly’ very much…

  6. Has a copy of NIBBLE #16 been mailed to the family of Tim Scannell?

    • We put one in the mail a week or so ago…I’m guessing it did not arrive? We will get one out ASAP.

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