last chance at the $2 price

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just because we don’t want any of you poetry lovers to miss out, we are extending the $2 price on jeff fleming’s new chap, it is winter.

you can order through our website using paypal.

here are just some of the kind words we’ve heard about it is winter:


it is winter is beautiful and intriguing…will read it again and again.
 – emerald scott


I really enjoyed
it is winter. Initially, I loved the fact that you picked the story up after the “climax” if you will, and calmly followed the character through these strange situations, which was fascinating because it was such a unique poetic take on something very familiar, something almost noir. And the last poem is killer! 
 – jason fisk


You really packed the heat!  Intense tight lines.  Good work!

 – alan catlin


let’s just be clear here

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just a quick post to assure you that nibble is not going anywhere in the larger, global sense.  we are moving out of our office, true, but the work will continue in much the same manner as it has for the past three (freakin’!) years.

we will continue to publish the best short poetry we can get our hands on.  that mission has not changed.  we will just be doing so with out the benefit of a mailing address for the immediate, and probably slightly even more elongated, future.

anyway, you never mailed us anything.  did you?  now you’ll just have to stuff it into an email and send it to: subscriptions and other orders can be paid via paypal.  if you cannot do paypal, send us an email and we’ll figure something out.

we were rubbish at answering snailmail anyway.  10x faster with email.



to sum up.

we have a few slots available in issue 20 of nibble, several in the nibble nibble, and a few more than that in the (controversial) nipple nibble.

so keep the poems flowing and we will continue to publish them.  on paper.

the end of an era

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just a quick post to let you know that we will be vacating our office sometime in early september. 

therefore, it would be best if you did not mail anything to us after the middle of august and since we are pretty much in the middle of august…

our email ( will continue to be the most effective method for reaching us.

so, you know, take that as an invitation…

so you did read it…

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below is a chapbook review written by maureen virchau, poet and regular contributor to nibble.


it is winter is Jeff Fleming’s latest chapbook. If you read his chap falling up you will notice the same style, the same melding of poetry and fiction- a collection of poems that tells a story when read in chronological order, but that can also be read out of order and individually experienced.
it is winter tells a dark story. I found it to be riveting, potent, suspenseful, dense, otherworldly, intelligent, and completely accessible. I think of each poem as a work of great power and precision.
it is winter contains everything that I have come to expect from Jeff Fleming’s poetry. He has the uncanny ability to create dense worlds out of few words. His poetry is clean, stripped of all unnecessary decoration. He is a master craftsman of the short poem, the short story.
There is one poem per page. Just like nibble. Short poems. Just like nibble. Powerful poems. Just like nibble. Poems that linger. Just like nibble.
All I can say (well, actually I can say plenty more) is that it is winter is worth a lot more than $2. That’s less than a cup of coffee. You can go to your fave coffee shop, buy a cup of coffee, and read it is winter. Enjoy it with your coffee that costs more than the chapbook itself. Maybe someone will ask you what you are reading, and then you can tell him or her to go to the nibble website and buy it for $2. That person will probably exclaim, 2 dollars?! And you will say, Yes, 2 dollars. That person might then respond with- That’s less than a cup of ….Yep.


you can purchase it is winter by clicking the subscription link on this webpage and then the paypal button. 

it really is winter…

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it is winter enjoyed a record breaking first week of sales!  if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, there is still time…or…at least copies available….time is a whole other issue we can’t help you with.


there are still copies available from nibble press!

it is winter

the latest chapbook from jeff fleming.

for just two dollars (yeah, we’re serious!), you can get a copy of this amazing chapbook.  you can order via this website using paypal

and each copy will be autographed by the author!

jeff fleming’s poetry has been described as “mature, intelligent, empathetic….good stuff.”  he writes “with a steady blend of emotion, experience, universality, and objectiveness.”

he is the author of several chapbooks of poetry including: falling up, why is my lemon tea red, the bones of saints under glass, delirious and purple, shades of green, and the forthcoming beneath a willow.

fleming was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

only $2? that’s outrageous!

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now available from nibble press!

the latest chapbook from jeff fleming:

it is winter


for only two dollars, you can order it is winter via this website using paypal

each copy will be signed by the author.

jeff fleming’s poetry has been described as “mature, intelligent, empathetic….good stuff.”  he writes “with a steady blend of emotion, experience, universality, and objectiveness.”

he is the author of several chapbooks of poetry including: falling up, the bones of saints under glass, delirious and purple, and shades of green.

fleming was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

back to life. back to reality.

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yep, we went on a two-week vacation.

we were forced…ur, convinced that it would be best for everyone involved if nibble took a couple of weeks off.  locked the doors and left town.

quite enjoyable.

but now we are back.

we hope you enjoyed issue 19.  based on the email we received while we were gone, you did.  but we cannot rest on our laurels.  we must get back to work.

and that means you have to get back to work sending us your poetry.  we are working on issue 20 (of course) and still on the lookout for poems with ‘nibble’ or ‘nipple’ in them.  we’d like to finish those special issues asap, so if you have anything that fits or think of anything that fits or write anything that fits or just want to complain about us giving you fits, then send them along:

as always, we are happy to hear your suggestions.  we are quite likely to ignore them, but we often get a chuckle from them and hope this doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm for sending them.